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Figure 2

From: Draft genome of the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins, a major forest pest

Figure 2

Shared synteny between male and female mountain pine beetle (MPB) assembly scaffolds and Tribolium castaneum linkage groups. Sequences were compared by tBLASTx and regions of significant similarity (e-value <1 × 10-20) are indicated by lines representing each high-scoring segment pair (appearing as dots at this scale). MPB scaffolds are displayed ordered from shortest to longest. The 20 longest MPB scaffolds are demarcated with faint horizontal lines. (A) Male and (B) female MPB scaffolds. (B) is longer than (A) due to a larger reconstruction size (including Ns) in the female compared with the male. A series of horizontal dots within one T. castaneum linkage group indicates a MPB scaffold sharing similarity with this linkage group. A linkage group for the yp chromosome in T. castaneum has not been described.

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