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Table 3 Isotig and isogroup differential expression in the comparison of only queen and worker castes

From: Transcriptome analyses of primitively eusocial wasps reveal novel insights into the evolution of sociality and the origin of alternative phenotypes

Caste Up-regulated (q > 0.6) isogroups (isotigs) Isogroups with recognized homologs Isogroups with annotated homologs Putative lncRNAs (total identified = 3,824)
Queen 112 (163) 91 (55.8%) 51 (45.5%) 6 (5.3%)
Worker 1,797 (2,380) 347 (19.3%) 217 (12.1%) 339 (18.86%)
  1. Significant differences between queens and workers in the numbers of isogroups and isotigs found as differentially expressed by NOISeq at a threshold of q > 0.6 (chi-square value, 1,083 (1d.f.); P < 2.2e-16); number and percentage of differentially expressed genes with significant homologs recognized in GenBank NR database (chi-square value 102 (1d.f.); P < 2.2e-16); the number and percentage of annotated homologs (chi-square value, 70 (1d.f.); P < 2.2e-16); number and percentage of putative lncRNAs (chi-square value, 236 (1d.f.); P < 2.2e-16) are given.