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Table 1 Selected S. meliloti- or S. medicae-specific genes among both speciesa

From: Comparative genomics of the core and accessory genomes of 48 Sinorhizobiumstrains comprising five genospecies

Species Gene IDb Gene name Function
S. meliloti SMa0929 traG Conjugal transfer coupling protein TraG
S. meliloti SMa0934 traA 1 Conjugal transfer protein TraA1
S. meliloti SMa1302 virB 11 Type IV secretion protein VirB11
S. meliloti SMa1303 virB 10 Type IV secretion protein VirB10
S. meliloti SMa1306 virB 9 Type IV secretion protein VirB9
S. meliloti SMa1308 virB 8 Type IV secretion protein VirB8
S. meliloti SMa1311 virB 6 Type IV secretion protein VirB6
S. meliloti SMa1313 virB 5 Type IV secretion protein VirB5
S. meliloti SMa1315 virB 4 Type IV secretion protein VirB4
S. meliloti SMa1318 virB 3 Type IV secretion protein VirB3
S. meliloti SMa1319 virB 2 Type IV secretion protein VirB2
S. meliloti SMa1321 virB 1 Type IV secretion protein VirB1
S. meliloti SMa1323 rctA Negative transcriptional regulator of vir genes
S. medicae Smed_5050 traD Conjugal transfer TraD family protein
S. medicae Smed_5051 traC Conjugal transfer protein TraC
S. medicae Smed_5375 traI Acyl-homoserine-lactone synthase
S. medicae Smed_5377 trbC Conjugal transfer protein TrbC
S. medicae Smed_5387 traR Transcriptional activator protein TraR
S. medicae Smed_5388 traM Transcriptional repressor TraM
S. medicae Smed_5391 traB Conjugal transfer protein TraB
Nitrogen metabolism   
S. meliloti SMa0228 gdhA Glutamate dehydrogenase
S. meliloti SMa0581 nrtC Nitrate transport ATP binding protein
S. meliloti SMa0583 nrtB Nitrate ABC transporter permease
S. meliloti SMa0585 nrtA Nitrate ABC transporter substrate-binding protein
S. meliloti SMa0981 ntrR 2 NtrR2 transcription regulator
S. meliloti SMc01521 ntrR 1 Nitrogen regulatory protein
S. medicae Smed_1742 fnrN Nitrogen fixation regulatory protein
Organic sulfur utilization   
S. medicae Smed_1128 ssuB-like Aliphatic sulfonates import ATP-binding protein
S. medicae Smed_1129 ssuA-like Aliphatic sulfonates family ABC transporter, periplasmic ligand-binding protein
S. medicae Smed_1130 atsA-like Arylsulfatase
S. medicae Smed_3146 atsA-like Arylsulfatase
S. medicae Smed_3147 ssuA Aliphatic sulfonates family ABC transporter, periplasmic ligand-binding protein
S. medicae Smed_3148 ssuB Sulfonate ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
S. medicae Smed_3150 ssuC Alkanesulfonate transport protein; membrane component
S. medicae Smed_3151 tauC-like Putative taurine transport system permease protein TauC
S. medicae Smed_2065 atsA Arylsulfatase
S. meliloti SMb21552 aacC 4 Aminoglycoside 6'-N-acetyltransferase
S. meliloti SMb20505 tfxG Trifolitoxin immunity protein
S. meliloti SMc02649 arsC Arsenate reductase protein ArsC
S. meliloti SMc02650 arsH Arsenical resistance protein ArsH
S. medicae Smed_0125 aacA Aminoglycoside N(6')-acetyltransferase type 1
S. medicae Smed_2292 aphE Streptomycin 3''-kinase
S. medicae Smed_5053 arsH Arsenate resistance protein ArsH
S. medicae Smed_5054 arsB Arsenite resistance protein ArsB
S. medicae Smed_5055 arsC Arsenate reductase
C1 metabolism    
S. meliloti SMa0002 fdoG FdoG formate dehydrogenase-O, alpha subunit
S. meliloti SMa0005 fdoH FdoH formate dehydrogenase-O, beta subunit
S. meliloti SMa0007 fdoI FdoI formate dehydrogenase-O, gamma subunit
S. meliloti SMa0009 fdhE Formate dehydrogenase accessory protein FdhE
S. meliloti SMa0011 selA L-seryl-tRNA(Sec) selenium transferase
S. meliloti SMa0015 selB Selenocysteine-specific elongation factor
S. meliloti SMa0028 selD Selenide, water dikinase
S. medicae Smed_2095 folD Bi-functional; 5,10-methylene-tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase and cyclohydrolase
S. medicae Smed_2096 glyA Serine hydroxymethyltransferase
Sugars and polysaccharides   
S. meliloti SMb20951 exoI Succinoglycan biosynthesis protein ExoI
S. meliloti SMb21416 ddhA Glucose-1-phosphate cytidylyltransferase
S. meliloti SMb21417 ddhB CDP-glucose 4,6-dehydratase
S. meliloti SMb21418   NDP-hexose 3-C-methyltransferase
S. medicae Smed_5910 otsB Trehalose-phosphate phosphatase
Cellular processes    
S. meliloti SMc03854 ftsY Putative cell division protein
S. meliloti SMc03044 motD Chemotaxis protein (motility protein D)
S. medicae Smed_1943 ftsZ Cell division protein FtsZ homolog 2
S. medicae Smed_0273 motD Chemotaxis protein motD
S. meliloti SMc04203 fecI Putative RNA polymerase sigma factor FecI protein
S. meliloti SMc04204 fecR Putative IRON transport regulator transmembrane protein
S. meliloti SMc04205   Putative IRON/HEME transport protein
S. medicae Smed_2092 dsdA D-serine dehydratase
S. medicae Smed_3282 fbpB Ferric transport system permease protein FbpB
S. medicae Smed_3284 fbpC Ferric transporter subunit
  1. aAll genes are presented in Tables S3 and S4 in Additional file 1. bID of annotated gene in S. meliloti 1021 or S. medicae WSM419.