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Table 2 Genome assembly statistics

From: The draft genome of a socially polymorphic halictid bee, Lasioglossum albipes

Contigs (n) 32,498
Largest contig (bp) 14,618
Scaffolds >1 kb (n) 4,377
N50 scaffolds (bp) 616,426
Scaffolds >N50 (n) 152
Largest scaffold (bp) 3,533,895
Predicted genes 13,448
Ultra-conserved core eukaryotic genes 97.98/100
(complete/partial, %)  
  1. Summary statistics for final L. albipes genome assembly. 152 scaffolds are greater than the N50 of 616 kb, with the largest assembled scaffold containing 3.5 Mb. The genome assembly appears to be nearly complete, with 98% of all core eukaryotic genes completely assembled (complete) and 100% at least partially assembled (partial). The official gene set contains 13,448 predicted genes.