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Table 2 Scaffold and marker distribution along the short arm of wheat chromosome 1B

From: The physical map of wheat chromosome 1BS provides insights into its gene space organization and evolution

Wheat 1BS deletion bins Established wheat 1BS deletion bins Assigned scaffolds (Mb) Number of markers Marker density (marker/Mb)
1BS.sat18-0.50-1.0a V 26.8 340 12.7
1BS.sat5-1.06-0.50 IV 62.2 585 9.4
1BS9-0.84-1.06a III 47.4 423 8.9
1BS10-0.50-0.84 II 35.3 369 10.5
C-1BS10-0.50 I 69.4 724 10.4
Total in scaffolds   241.1 2,438 10.1
In BAC clonesb    501  
Total in scaffolds and in BAC clones   2,939  
  1. aDeletion bins partly covered by bin IV as shown in Figure 1; bBAC clones that were not included in scaffolds.