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Table 1 Specimens sampled in this study

From: Population genomics of the endangered giant Galápagos tortoise

Species ida id2b id3c Sampled in mtDNAd Reads (n) Mbp
C. nigra GA05A   SRS509366 Rotterdam Zoo (Netherlands) clade c, PBL (becki) 8,995,838 793
C. nigra GA05G zuz10 or zuz20 SRS509367 A Cupulatta Corsica (France) clade c, PBL (becki) 10,770,970 987
C. nigra GA05H zuz10 or zuz20 SRS509368 A Cupulatta Corsica (France) clade c, PBL (becki) 10,247,396 940
C. nigra GA05E zuz30 SRS509369 Zurich Zoo (Switzerland) clade d, VA (vandenburghi) 12,862,334 1,143
C. nigra GA05F zuz01 SRS509370 Zurich Zoo (Switzerland) clade d, CRU (porteri) 4,927,381 440
C. carbonaria GA05D   SRS509371 Montpellier Zoo (France)   9,218,341 831
M. leprosa GA03B   SRS509372 Banyuls (France)   9,903,466 885
  1. aThis study.
  2. bAccording to Russello et al. [21].
  3. cNCBI SRA accession id.
  4. dLineage according to Caccone et al. [18] and Russello et al. [21].