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Figure 4

From: EXCAVATOR: detecting copy number variants from whole-exome sequencing data

Figure 4

Summary of the results obtained by EXCAVATOR on the melanoma dataset. The Circos plot summarizes all the CNV regions detected in each of the six samples by both exome-seq and SNP array analysis. On each chromosome, melanoma samples are vertically ordered (Me01, Me02, Me04, Me05, Me08, Me12), with two tracks (WES and SNP array) for each. Central panels show the global correlation calculated between the log2 ratio median values obtained from the two technologies, when considering all the segmented regions (a) or segmented regions larger than 100 kb (b), 500 kb (c) or 1 Mb (d). CNV regions are distinguished by color as two-copy deletions (red), one-copy deletions (orange), one-copy amplifications (light green) and multiple-copy amplifications (dark green).CNV, copy number variant.

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