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Table 2 In vivo assay of 12 liver enhancer predictions in mouse

From: Sequence signatures extracted from proximal promoters can be used to predict distal enhancers

ID Coordinates [hg18] Score Location Activity Chromatin statea
E1 Chr16:30009197-30009301 3.07 Intronic ( TBX6 ) Yes No
E7 Chr10:82023332-82023434 2.60 Intergenic (3' UTR of MAT1A) No Yes
E2 Chr17:69962796-69962894 2.21 Intergenic (4.5 kb downstream of GPRC5C) No No
E8 Chr1:31679030-31679149 1.94 Intronic ( SERINC2 ) Yes Yes
E12 Chr3:134934911-134935091 1.81 Intronic (TF) Yes Yes
E4 Chr11:72138832-72139119 1.83 Intronic (ARAP1) Yes No
E5 Chr17:69957921-69958023 1.30 Intergenic (3′ UTR of GPRC5C ) Yes No
E10 Chr17:69951076-69951329 1.57 Intronic ( GPRC5C ) Yes Yes
E3 Chr11:72162942-72163179 1.47 Intronic (STARD10) No No
E9 Chr11:72168912-72169046 1.33 Intronic (STARD10) No Yes
E11 Chr11:72166225-72166509 1.36 Intronic ( STARD10 ) Yes Yes
E6 Chr17:17439720-17439913 1.04 Intergenic (4 kb upstream of PEMT) No No
  1. aOverlaps with 'strong enhancer' Chromatin State Segmentation by HMM from Broad Institute, MIT, and MGH in HepG2 cell lines. Enhancer predictions for which we observed in vivo activity in mouse liver are highlighted in bold.