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Figure 2

From: Modeling precision treatment of breast cancer

Figure 2

Comparison of transcriptional subtype and molecular profiling for 51 (57%) of the compounds with predicted compound response within the cell lines with high estimated accuracy (AUC >0.70). AUC obtained with transcriptional subtype is shown in gray. Compounds are ordered based on increase in AUC from subtype to the best performing molecular data. The increase in AUC with respect to subtype obtained with the best performing molecular data is shown in cyan. For 65% of the compounds, molecular profiling performed substantially better than subtype, with an AUC increase of at least 0.1 (compounds above the red dashed line). Subtype was sufficient for 25% of the compounds with AUC >0.70 and AUC increase obtained with molecular profiling less than 0.1 (compounds below the red dashed line with subtype AUC above the blue solid line).

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