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Figure 4

From: Tissue-specific direct targets of Caenorhabditis elegans Rb/E2F dictate distinct somatic and germline programs

Figure 4

mes-4 is a direct target of LIN-35/EFL-1/DPL-1 in somatic tissues. (a) Binding profile of LIN-35, EFL-1, DPL-1 and HPL-2 in multiple tissues at the mes-4 locus. (b) qRT-PCR verification of up-regulation of mes-4 transcript levels in lin-35 mutants relative to wild type. The error bar indicates standard error of biological replicates. (c) Binding profiles of EFL-1 at the mes-4 locus in the soma using the GFP antibody (blue) and in wild-type (magenta) and lin-35 (cyan) using the EFL-1 antibody. An input control for each is shown below in black.

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