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Table 4 Summary of gene enrichments for antennal proteins correlating with anti-parasitic traits.

From: Correlation of proteome-wide changes with social immunity behaviors provides insight into resistance to the parasitic mite, Varroa destructor, in the honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Behavior Expression Larval Tissue Enriched Gene ontologies
R24 ↑18 Peptidyl-amino acid modification (caf1, Cg6370), structural constituent of chitin-based cuticle (Cpr65Av, Ccp84Ae), membrane enclosed lumen (CG1140, CG2118, Adk Caf1)
  ↓16 Protein modification process (Rep, Art, Pp2A-29B), regulation of neuro transmitter release (Rep, beta-spec), phosphorous metabolic process (Pp2A-29B, CG7712, PyK),
U24 ↑18 Peptidyl-amino acid modification (caf1, Cg6370), cell division (Caf1, hts), cell periphery (Hexo1, NepYr)
  ↓10 Protein modification process (Rep, Ugt, eff), regulation of neurotransmitter release (Rep, beta-spec), nervous system development (beta-spec, eff, RpL30)
R48 ↑12 Regulation of embryonic development (Hrb27C, Cg18811), oogenesis (hts, Hrb27C, nudC)
  ↓18 Muscle tissue development (beta-Spec, alt, wupA), neurological system process (Rep, alt best-spec), cytoskeletal organization (Beta-spec, alt, cher, Rpl32, Rpl30, eIF3-S10)
U48 ↑13 Regulation of embryonic development (Hrb27C, CG18811), oogenesis (nudC, hts, Hrb27C)
  ↓17 Muscle tissue development (alt, wupA), ligase activity, forming carbon-nitrogen bonds (pug, CG1315)
VSH ↑18 Cell surface receptor linked signaling pathway (PGRP-SA, CkIIapla), bristle development (ChIIalpha, CG12163) Translation elongation (Ef1beta, Ef2b)
  ↓15 carbohydrate metabolic process (ImpL3, Pgm, Gasp)
  1. R, removed; U, uncapped; VSH, Varroa sensitive hygiene.