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Table 1 TCF7L2 binding sites and target genes

From: Cell type-specific binding patterns reveal that TCF7L2 can be tethered to the genome by association with GATA3

  Total peaks Nearest genes Peaks per gene
HCT116 30,259 10,910 2.8
HEK293 24,457 6,254 3.9
HepG2 27,912 7,899 3.5
MCF7 27,721 6,934 4.0
HeLa 52,810 11,334 4.7
PANC1 31,744 9,438 3.4
Common 1,864 1,287 1.4
Total unique 116,270 14,193 8.2
  1. Peaks were called using the BELT program on the merged duplicate datasets for each cell type. Reported as the 'Total peaks' is the total number of TCF7L2 binding sites in each cell line, as well as the total number of unique peaks when all six cell lines are considered together and the peaks identified as being common to all six cell lines. To determine the number of 'Nearest genes', the RefSeq gene nearest each TCF7L2 binding site was identified and duplicates were removed (since TCF7L2 has multiple binding sites near many genes), and the resultant number is indicated as the total number of target genes for that peak set.