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Figure 3

From: Gene functionalities and genome structure in Bathycoccus prasinos reflect cellular specializations at the base of the green lineage

Figure 3

Integrative and comparative view of the Bathycoccus genome showing both structural (GC content, introns, colinearity) and functional characteristics (gene expression, conservation). 'Slice' represents a single chromosome or region drawn using one gene per unit. 'Introns' and 'Gene Expression' denote the number of introns and uniquely mapped ESTs per gene, respectively. To improve legibility, an upper limit was set for the EST and intron count per gene by removing the top 2%, resulting in a threshold of 12 and 13 for intron count and gene expression, respectively. The GC content is plotted using a window size of 500 bp. The 'Annotation' track represents specific chromosomes or regions denoted by the different grey boxes; BOC and SOC refer to big and small outlier chromosome, respectively. 'Conservation' represents, for each gene, the number of Mamiellales species in which a BLAST hit can be found (E-value threshold 1e-05; range 0 to 5 species). 'Colinearity' shows for each gene if it resides in a genomic region showing colinearity with another Mamiellales species. The circle plot was drawn using the Circos circular visualization software [67].

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