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Table 4 Perl and PHP modules used in TFe

From: The Transcription Factor Encyclopedia

Language Module Purpose
Perl CGI Web browser interface
Perl CGI::Session User login
Perl Crypt::Blowfish Data encryption and random string generation
Perl DBI MySQL database interface
Perl GD::Image Creation of TF binding site diagrams
Perl HTML::Detoxifier User input filtering
Perl Image::Resize Image resizing and formatting
Perl LWP::Simple Interface between TFe and web-based APIs
Perl pazar Data retrieval from PAZAR
Perl pazar::gene Data retrieval from PAZAR
Perl pazar::reg_seq Data retrieval from PAZAR
Perl TFBS::PatternGen::MEME Creation of TF position weight matrices
PHP dompdf 0.5.1 PDF generation
  1. Listed on this table are the second and third party modules incorporated into TFe, with their respective programming languages, usage in TFe, and current web addresses at the time of publication.