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Table 2 List of predefined interaction types

From: The Transcription Factor Encyclopedia

Interaction type Gene Ligand
Acts on upstream signaling pathway  
Competitive inhibition
Not specified
Physical: deacetylation
Physical: dephosphorylation
Physical: desumoylation
Physical: deubiqiutination
Physical: enzyme modification: acetylation
Physical: enzyme modification: methylation
Physical: enzyme modification: phosphorylation
Physical: enzyme modification: protein cleavage
Physical: enzyme modification: sumoylation
Physical: indirect altering posttranslational modifications
Physical: sequestering
Physical: translocation
Physical: ubiquitination
Physical: undefined direct interaction
Physical: with another TF  
Physical: with another TF: complex binds DNA  
Physical: with co-activator affecting recruitment
Physical: with co-repressor affecting recruitment
Regulatory: decreases expression of this TF
Regulatory: increases expression of this TF
  1. When a protein-to-protein or protein-to-ligand is added to a TFe article either by the author or automatically from BioGRID, the author of that article has the option to define the interaction type if this information is known. To promote a standardized vocabulary for describing interaction types, a list of possible interaction types between proteins and ligands is provided to the author. This list continues to be adjusted and expanded based on need and author feedback.