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Table 4 Haploinsufficient loci with developmental or cellular phenotypes not associated with strong haplolethality or haplosterility

From: The generation of chromosomal deletions to provide extensive coverage and subdivision of the Drosophila melanogaster genome

Gene Location Phenotype Referencea
N 3C7-9 Wing notching [47]
Hup b 7BC Pronotal outgrowth [48]
run 19E2 Segmentation defects [49]
S 21E4 Eye roughness [50]
Pkd2 33E3 Reduced smooth muscle contractility [51]
b 34D1 Darker body color [52]
Mhc 36B1 Muscle defects [53]
lok 38B2 No apoptosis after telomere loss [54]
vg 49E1 Wing notching [55]
Np/CG34350 c 45A1 Notopleural bristle length [56]
Pcl 55B8 2nd to 1st leg transformation [57]
bs d 60C6 Wing venation defects [58]
Dll 60E2 Antenna to leg transformation [59]
Kr 60F5 Segmentation defects [60]
mtrm 66C11 Increased female nondisjunction [61]
Pc 78C6-7 2nd to 1st leg transformation [62]
Scr 84A5 1st to 2nd leg transformation [63]
Tm2 88E13 Muscle defects [64]
Act88F 88F5 Muscle defects [65]
Ubx 89D9 Haltere to wing transformation [66]
Dl 92A1-2 Wing venation defects [67]
bnl 92B2-3 Abnormal tracheal branching [68]
H 92F3 Bristle shaft to socket transformation [33]
e 93C7-D1 Darker body color [48]
p53 94D10 No apoptosis after telomere loss [54]
Mlc2 99E1 Muscle defects [69]
  1. aReference originally describing haploinsufficiency. bHumeral patch (Hup) is the only locus in this list not mapped to a specific transcription unit. cAllelism of Notopleural (Np) and CG34350 demonstrated by Laurence von Kalm (personal communication). dPlexate (Px) is a haploinsufficient locus closely linked or allelic to blistered (bs) with similar phenotypes. We have assumed allelism.