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Table 2 Haplolethal and haplosterile genes

From: The generation of chromosomal deletions to provide extensive coverage and subdivision of the Drosophila melanogaster genome

Gene Location
X chromosome  
   RpL36 1B12
   RpL35 5A11
   RpL17 6C10
   RpS6 7C2
   Fs(1)10A region 10A4-10
   Hdl region 12A7-9
   RpL37a 13B1
   RpS19a 14F4
   RpS5a 15E5-7
   wupA region 16F7
   RpS10b 18D3
Chromosome arm 2L  
   dpp 22F1-3
   RpL37A 25C4
   RpL36A 28D3
   RpS13 29B2
   RpL13 30F3
   RpL7 31B1
   RpL9 32C1
   RpL24 34B10
Chromosome arm 2R  
   RpL31 45F5
   RpS11 48E8-9
   RpS15 53C8
   RpL18A 54C3
   RpL11 56D7
   RpL23 59B3
   RpL12a 60B7
   RpL39a 60B7
Chromosome arm 3L  
   RpL23A 62A10
   RpL8 62E7
   RpL28 63B14
   RpL18 65E9
   RpL14 66D8
   Haplolethal region 67D10-E1
   RpS4 69F6
   RpL10 80A
Chromosome arm 3R  
   RpL35A 83A4
   RpL13A 83B6-7
   Tpl region 83E1-2
   RpL34b 85D15
   Ms(3)88C region 88C9-10
   Su(var)3-9 88E8
   Abd-B 89E4-5
   RpS3 94E13
   RpL27 96E9-10
   RpL4 98B6
   RpS8 99C4
   RpL32 99D3
   RpS7 99E2
   RpL6 100C7
  1. aA Minute phenotype results from deleting chromosomal region 60B, but it may be associated with haploinsufficiency of RpL12, RpL39 or both genes.