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Table 2 The numbers of nat-siRNAs from the entire regions of cis-NATs, overlap regions of cis-NATs, introns in entire regions of cis-NATs and introns in overlap regions of cis-NATs in Arabidopsis and rice

From: Genome-wide analysis of plant nat-siRNAs reveals insights into their distribution, biogenesis and function

  Arabidopsis Rice
Origin of nat-siRNAs Total Unique Total Unique
Entire NATs 33,826 17,059 162,397 56,209
   Introns in entire NATs 14,500 6,988 88,605 29,654
OR of NATs 10,429 6,532 27,852 10,761
Introns in OR of NATs 4,367 2,350 14,207 5,494
  1. Raw reads of siRNAs that perfectly mapped to the Arabidopsis and rice genomes were analyzed here. OR, overlap region.