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Table 1 Summary of data sets analysed and reference genomes used for mapping.

From: All Your Base: a fast and accurate probabilistic approach to base calling

Name Reference genome Num. reads Read length Paired-end Date sequenced
ϕX174 L2 ϕX174 677538 76 no Aug. 2008
ϕX174 L4 ϕX174 1299052 76 no Aug. 2008
ϕX174 L6 ϕX174 900291 76 no Aug. 2008
Ibis Test ϕX174 200000 51 no Apr. 2009
B. pert.† B. pertussis Tohama I 4250058 76 yes Dec. 2009
BGI† H. sapiens GRCh37 9611783 45 yes Jul. 2008
Illumina† H. sapiens GRCh37 13974025 51 yes Jun. 2008
HiSeq H. sapiens GRCh37 + ϕX174 7813098 101 yes Oct. 2010
  1. The individual ends from paired-end sets are referred to with a suffix indicating the end, for example BGI/1, BGI/2. †These sets contain a whole lane; other sets have either been decimated (Ibis Test & HiSeq) or contain only a few tiles (ϕX174 L2, ϕX174 L4 and ϕX174 L6). 'Date sequenced' is approximate, representing our best effort to quantify the vintage of the data. All intensity data are freely available from the AYB website [15] in the Illumina CIF format.