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Figure 3

From: Phylogeographic variation in recombination rates within a global clone of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Figure 3

The maximum likelihood phylogeny of the ST239 isolates. The tree is based on the SNPs that were not affected by recombination using either BRATNextGen or the method used in [1]. The color coding of the branches is as follows: red, Asia; yellow, Eastern Europe; green, Western Europe; cyan (light blue), South America; dark blue, Turkey; brown, USA; the black branches refer to Australia (ANS46), Egypt (H24), and Syria (M592). The particular country of origin for each isolate is given in Additional file 1. The grey rectangle shows all the strains within Bayesian Analysis of Population Structure (BAPS) group number one (Turkish clade), the pink rectangle covers the strains composing BAPS group number 3 (Asian clade), and the light green rectangle shows the strains found in BAPS group number 2 (South American clade). For the sake of clarity the bootstrap values (bv) are only shown for the three main clades and some minor groups. The scale bar represents substitutions per SNP.

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