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Algorithm 1 Greedy driver gene selection algorithm

From: DriverNet: uncovering the impact of somatic driver mutations on transcriptional networks in cancer

Require: be the bipartite graph, where denotes the set of nodes corresponding to mutated genes, denotes the set of nodes corresponding to the patient-specific outlying expression events, and denotes the set of edges between and
1: //the set of selected driver genes
2: //the number of all the connected outlying expression events
3: z ← 0 //the number of covered outlying expression events so far
4: while z < Z do  
5: //pick mutated gene with the highest degree; in case of a tie, randomly pick one of the genes
6: //update the number of covered outlying events
7: //add g to the driver set
9: for g' S do  
10: //remove the node g' and its connected edges from
11: end for  
12: end while