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Table 1 Ler-specific H3K27me3 targets adjacent to TEs polymorphic between Col and Ler

From: Natural variation of H3K27me3 distribution between two Arabidopsis accessions and its association with flanking transposable elements

Left_TE Ler-specifc H3K27me3 Group Right_TE TE family PCR size in Col PCR size in Ler Confirmed target site duplication
AT2G16820 AT2G16830 Rep_Col AT2G16832 Mutator-like NA NA NA
AT2TE65230 AT2G34840 Exp_Col NO DNA/MuDr 2.8 kb 1.8 kb ATTTG
NO AT4G09143 Rep_Col AT4G09146 LTR/Copia NA NA NA
Node AT5G35810 Rep_Col AT5G35820 LTR/Copia 6.6 kb 1.0 kb ATACCT
NO AT5G42640 Rep_Col AT5G42645 LTR/Copia 7.9 kb 3.0 kb CCGCA
NO AT4G20480 Exp_Col AT4G20490 LTR/GYPSY NA NA NA
AT4G10865 AT4G10870 Rep_Col NO AT4G10880 is not a TE NA NA NA
AT2G01550 AT2G01560 Rep_Col NO Non-LTR retrotransposon (LINE) NA NA NA
NO AT3G60560 Rep_Col AT3G60565 LTR/Copia NA NA NA
AT5TE82820 AT5G56920 Rep_Col AT5TE82825 left:DNA/AtREP10D; right:RC/Helitron 3.3 kb 2.0 kb ATTAAGTAA
NO AT5G56910 Exp_Col AT5TE82820 DNA/RP1-AT 2.1 kb 1.8 kb no
AT2TE37940 AT2G20910 Rep_Col NO DNA/MuDR NA NA NA
NO AT1G66300 Rep_Col AT1TE81190 RC/Helitron NA NA NA
  1. NA, not available.