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Figure 5

From: Natural variation of H3K27me3 distribution between two Arabidopsis accessions and its association with flanking transposable elements

Figure 5

Characteristics of TEs present in Col but absent in L er. (a) TE flanking a Ler-specific H3K27me3 target (AT5G35810) is missing in Ler assembly. The scale shows the sequence coordinates in the Col genome. The red bars show the gene models of AT5G38510, the annotated TE gene AT5G38520 flanking it and the following protein-coding gene AT5G35830. The short gray bars with red frame show sequences present in both genomes according to the sequencing of PCR products; the dashed gray line between short gray bars shows the sequence that is present in Col but missing in Ler. Pictogram below shows sequences that were aligned between the Col genome and Ler scaffold (in gray); white regions could not be aligned. (b) The distribution of different types of TEs in the Col genome. (c) Distribution of different types of TEs that are present in Col but absent in Ler. (d) Distribution of TEs present in Col but absent in Ler and that neighbor H3K9me2 targets.

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