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Table 3 FOCAL designed experiments for reactions in galacturonate and glucuronate catabolism

From: FOCAL: an experimental design tool for systematizing metabolic discoveries and model development

Chosen reactiona Enzyme Associated gene FOCAL selected carbon source
galur tagur D-Galacturonate isomerase uxaC D-Galacturonate
h + nadh + tagur altrn + nad Altronate oxidoreductase uxaB D-Galacturonate
altrn → 2ddglcn + h2o Altronate hydrolase uxaA D-Galacturonate
glcur fruur D-Glucuronate isomerase uxaC D-Glucuronate
fruur + h + nadh mana + nad D-Mannonate oxidoreductase uxuB D-Glucuronate
mana → 2ddglcn + h2o D-Mannonate hydrolyase uxuA D-Glucuronate
  1. aAbbreviations match those shown in Figure 5.