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Table 4 Superpc discrete prediction results

From: A network module-based method for identifying cancer prognostic signatures

Data set Prediction results
   HR 1.33E+00
   95% HR CI 1.04 - 1.69
   P-value 2.21E-02
   HR 2.43E+00
   95% HR CI 1.06 - 5.55
   P-value 3.61E-02
   HR 2.13E+00
   95% HR CI 1.46 - 3.10
   P-value 8.85E-05
   HR 1.56E+00
   95% HR CI 1.08 - 2.25
   P-value 1.75E-02
  1. The TCGA data set was used as the training data set, and the second principal component was used as the feature for prediction. The first column shows the data sets. CI, confidence interval; HR, hazard ratio.