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Table 3 Overlap of commonly expressed genes with m6A sites

From: The birth of the Epitranscriptome: deciphering the function of RNA modifications

Organism Genes expressed (RPKM ≥0.2) Expressed genes with m6A Common genes MeRIP-seq only m6A-seq only
Human 19,621 7,228 3,568 1,212 2,448
Mouse 22,698 5,955 1,927 2,616 1,412
  1. The total number of genes, excluding those with low expression (RPKM <0.2), that overlap with m6A sites in at least one of the two datasets ('expressed genes with m6A') is shown for both human and mouse. The overlap between the two datasets ('common genes'), as a proportion of the total number of expressed genes with m6A, is much higher than the proportion shown in Table 2.