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Table 2 Example axioms

From: Uberon, an integrative multi-species anatomy ontology

Class OWL axiom Module/ontology
pupil SubClassOf: part_of some eye Basic
'proximal phalanx of hand digit 1' 'EquivalentTo: 'proximal phalanx' and part_of some 'hand digit 1' Basic
'left lung lobe' SubClassOf: 'lobe of lung' Basic
'left lung lobe' EquivalentTo: 'lobe of lung' and in_left_side_of some lung Main
'respiratory organ' EquivalentTo: 'organ' and capable_of some 'GO:respiratory gaseous exchange' Basic
'dermal skeletal element' EquivalentTo: 'skeletal element' and develops_from some 'dermal tissue' Basic
GCI (part_of some 'brain') DisjointWith: (part_of some 'spinal cord') Main (OWL only)
'superior eyelid tarsus' EquivalentTo: 'eyelid tarsus' and part_of some 'lower eyelid Basic
'left eye' EquivalentTo: 'eye' and part_of some 'left side of body' Main
bone SubClassOf: in_taxon only NCBItaxon:'Vertebrata' Merged (OWL only)
Interdigital region between forelimb digits 2 and 3 of 5 EquivalentTo: 'interdigital region' and adjacent_to some 'forelimb digit 2/5' and adjacent_to some 'forelimb digit 3/5' Main
'thoracic mammary gland' EquivalentTo: 'mammary gland' and part_of some 'thorax' Basic
FMA:'mammary gland' EquivalentTo 'thoracic mammary gland' and part_of some NCBItaxon:'Homo sapiens' FMA bridge
GCI (adenohypophysis and part_of some NCBItaxon:'Tetrapoda') develops_from some 'Rathke's pouch' Merged
CL:'cerebellar granule cell' EquivalentTo: CL:'granule cell' and part_of some 'cerebellum' CL
GO:'immune response in Peyers patch' EquivalentTo: GO:'immune response' and occurs_in some 'Peyers patch' GO logical definitions
  1. Classes are written as quote-enclosed labels for illustrative purposes. All classes are from Uberon, unless indicated by prefixing the label with the ontology name. The focal class is shown in the first column, and the axiom in the middle column. For General Class Inclusion axioms there is no focal class so we show the entire axiom in the middle column. We indicate the module/version in which the axiom appears-the simple module excludes most relationship types; the main module includes everything in simple, but no external ontology classes. The final two axioms are from external ontologies that reference Uberon.