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Table 1 Overview of the current draft assembliesa.

From: Sequencing three crocodilian genomes to illuminate the evolution of archosaurs and amniotes

Genome Estimated Length (Gbp) Assembly Length (Gbp) Estimated % Coverage Contig N50 (Kbp) Contig N90 (Kbp) Scaffold N50 (Kbp) Scaffold N90 (Kbp)
American alligator 2.5 2.17 86.8 28.0 6.9 106.2 22.5
Saltwater crocodile 2.78 2.14 77.0 13.3 3.0 28.2 6.6
Indian gharial 2.5 N/Ab N/Ab N/Ab N/Ab N/Ab N/Ab
  1. aStatistics of the current draft assemblies assuming the conversion between C-value and bp is 0.987 × 109 bp/pg [90]. For this table, we calculated N50 in terms the size of our assembly rather than the estimated genome size.
  2. bN/A: not available as the genome sequencing and assembly is in progress.