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Table 2 Comparison of profiles for RELA-containing dimers

From: Extensive characterization of NF-κB binding uncovers non-canonical motifs and advances the interpretation of genetic functional traits

Proportion of 11-mer sequences shared with RELARELA   61% 63%
Proportion of 11-mer sequences shared with RELAp50    81%
Proportion of 11-mer 'canonical NF-κB binders' (n = 4,399) that are enriched 72% (3,167)a 84% (3,683)a 82% (3,599)a
Proportion of enriched 11-mer sequences that have a MATCH score < 0.5 43% (n = 217,543) 47% (n = 289,319) 61% (n = 281,312)
  1. Similarities between the binding profiles of the three dimers with proportions of 'canonical NF-κB binders' and sequences with MATCH scores < 0.5 present in each. aHypergeometric probability test for over-representation: P = 1e-99.