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Table 1 Comparison and validation of p52p52

From: Extensive characterization of NF-κB binding uncovers non-canonical motifs and advances the interpretation of genetic functional traits

Number/proportion of 10-mer sequences (n = 522,857) that were enriched 14,758 (2.8%) 11,065 (2.1%)
Number of 10-mer sequences shared with microarrays (n = 757) 249a (32.9%) 196b (25.9%)
Number of 10-mer sequences shared with Linnell et al. [13] (n = 63) 21c (33.3%) 18d (28.6%)
  1. Hypergeometric probability test for over-representation: aP = 6.9e-187; bP = 3.1e-148; cP = 2.3e-19; dP = 1.5e-17. Number of enriched sequences identified during SELEX and overlaps with two microarray datasets (ours and Linnell et al. [13]).