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Table 2 Allele frequencies at heteroplasmic sites in Family F7.

From: Dynamics of mitochondrial heteroplasmy in three families investigated via a repeatable re-sequencing study

    Family F7
    M10 (mother) M10-C2 (child of M10)
    A C T G cvrg A C T G cvrg
blood 14053 A 0.975 0.010 0.012 0.002 403 no data
cheek 14053 A 0.970 0.008 0.023 0.000 527 0.968 0.003 0.026 0.003 380
  1. The frequencies were calculated by dividing the number of reads supporting a given allele by the quality adjusted coverage listed in "coverage" column. Quality adjusted coverage = number of reads where the base aligning over a given position has a phred score equal or higher than 30.