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Table 1 Mean values and variances of the explanatory variables for datasets A, B and C

From: Substitution rate variation at human CpG sites correlates with non-CpG divergence, methylation level and GC content

  Dataset A Dataset B Dataset C
  Mean Variance Mean Variance Mean Variance
Non-CpG divergence 0.0206 3.98e-05 0.0207 3.00e-05 0.0203 2.93e-05
Methylation level 0.7723 1.17e-02 0.7588 1.45e-02 0.4348 4.09e-02
GC content 0.3961 3.28e-03 0.4221 3.93e-03 0.4719 5.42e-03
Transcription level 2.5920 4.22e-01 2.5770 4.00e-01 2.6240 3.98e-01
Female recombination ratea 0.0721 2.03e-01 0.0832 2.23e-01 0.0462 3.08e-01
Male recombination ratea -0.3969 5.01e-01 -0.3380 4.50e-01 -0.3551 5.27e-01
CpG[o/e]b 0.4168 1.85e-02 0.4334 1.68e-02 0.7026 6.82e-02
  1. Dataset A contains no CpG islands (CGIs) or DNase I hypersensitive sites (DHSs)), dataset B contains DHSs but no CGIs, and dataset C contains both CGIs and DHSs. aLog-transformed values. bObserved versus expected CpG content.