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Table 2 Resources generated from large-scale mouse genetics projects

From: The mouse genetics toolkit: revealing function and mechanism

Resource Web site Description Reference
Australian Phenomics Network Provides resources and services for producing, screening and archiving mutant mice  
Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository Archived ES cells, sperm, ova, embryos, and DNA  
Cancer Models Database A database of mouse lines that model the genesis, progression or clinical course of human cancers  
Center for Animal Resources and Development A repository of over 1,300 mutant lines  
Centre for Modeling Human Disease ENU mutagenesis and gene trap databases  
Collaborative Cross A resource for the genetic analysis of complex traits [110]
Cre-X-mice A Cre-expressing transgenic mouse line database [44]
CreZoo A Cre-expressing transgenic mouse line database  
Ensembl A genome database for mouse and other eukaryotes [111]
European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Program Aims to generate and distribute a collection of 13,000 mutated ES cell lines using conditional approaches [112]
European Mouse Disease Clinic Aims to generate phenome data on 650 knockout mice generated by the EUCOMM project [82]
European Mouse Mutant Archive A European repository with over 1,700 mutant strains [113]
European Mouse Phenotyping Resource for Standardized Screens (EMPReSS) A primary screening platform with over 100 standard operating procedures validated on inbred strains [81]
European Union Mouse Research for Public Health and Industrial Applications Novel approaches in phenotyping, mutagenesis and informatics to improve the characterization of mouse models [114]
EuroPhenome A database to hold phenome data from EMPReSS [115]
Federation of International Mouse Resources Coordinates repositories and resource centers globally [116]
GenomeSpace A central workspace for genomics tools, including Galaxy, Integrative Genomics Viewer and UCSC Browser  
Heterogeneous Stock Phenotyping Project A searchable map of QTLs that contribute to variation in over 100 complex traits, using Heterogeneous Stock mice [88]
International Gene Trap Consortium Information on >380,000 gene-trapped ES cell lines [117]
International Knockout Mouse Consortium Aims to minimize overlap, share resources, and improve services among the three major knockout projects [79]
Knockout Mouse Project Aims to target 8,500 genes and make mice available to the community [4]
MouseBook MRC Harwell's mouse resources; includes a frozen embryo and sperm archive, an ENU screen and DNA archive, and standardized phenotyping procedures [118]
Mouse Genome Database Provides integrated genetic, genomic, and biological data on laboratory mouse strains [119]
Mouse Genomes Project Raw sequence data, SNPs and assemblies of 17 mouse genomes  
Mouse Phenome Project A collection of baseline phenotypic data on commonly used inbred mouse strains [83]
Mouse Resources Portal The Sanger Institute's resources; includes available BACs, gene targeting vectors, ES cells and mutant mouse lines with associated phenotypic data [10]
Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers A repository of mouse stocks and ES cell lines  
North American Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis project Aims to target >2,000 genes that have not been previously targeted or trapped [4]
PB Mutagenesis Information Center A database for storing, retrieving and displaying information derived from PB transposon insertions [120]
RIKEN Bioresource Center A Japanese repository of live and archived lines