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Table 2 Candidate horizontal gene transfers from Bacteria

From: Comparative genomics of the social amoebae Dictyostelium discoideum and Dictyostelium purpureum

Pfam domaina Function in bacteriab D. discoideumdictyBase IDc Function in D. discoideumc D. purpureumprotein IDd D. purpureumdictyBase ID
Beta_elim_lyase Aromatic amino acid lyase DDB_G0281127 Unknown 154359 DPU_G0057350
BioY Biotin metabolism DDB_G0292424 Unknown 79107 DPU_G0053374
Cna_B Unknown DDB_G0292696 colA, Colossin A slug protein 96318 DPU_G0069302
Peroxidase Dyp_peroxidase DDB_G0273083 Unknown 35644 DPU_G0056076
Endotoxin_N Insecticidal crystal protein DDB_G0289249 Unknown 96621 DPU_G0058298
IPT Isopentenyl transferase DDB_G0277215 Discadenine production 92712 DPU_G0062048
IucA_IucC Siderophore synthesis DDB_G0294004 Unknown No modele No modele
OsmC Osmoregulation DDB_G0268884 Unknown 93234 DPU_G0070822
Peptidase S13 Dipeptidase/β-lactamase DDB_G0271902 Penicillin-sensitive carboxypeptidase 6688 DPU_G0063426
PP_kinase Polyphosphate synthesis DDB_G0293524 Polyphosphate synthesis 45674 DPU_G0062710
TerD Tellurium resistance DDB_G0277501 capA/B 57536 DPU_G0062378
Thy1 Thymidylate synthesis DDB_G0280045 thyA, thymidylate synthesis 149635 DPU_G0069806
DUF885 Unknown DDB_G0278355 Unknown 155362 DPU_G0059974
DUF1121 Unknown DDB_G0277411 Unknown 39626 DPU_G0062812
DUF1289 Unknown DDB_G0282477 Unknown 27078 DPU_G0056950
DUF1294 Unknown DDB_G0285825 Unknown 86664 DPU_G0067456
  1. aThe Pfam domain designation [99]. bConfirmed or proposed function of the prokaryotic ortholog is given. cThe D. discoideum gene ID number and functional annotation are from dictyBase [14]. dD. purpureum ortholog protein ID numbers [13]. All orthologs are 90 to 100% similar in amino acid sequence to the D. discoideum protein over >90% of their length. eA related sequence is present, but no protein model could be produced from the current assembly.