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Figure 4

From: RNA-seq in grain unveils fate of neo- and paleopolyploidization events in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Figure 4

Correlation between CNV and synteny erosion between Brachypodium and wheat. At the right is illustrated the wheat chromosome 3B subdivided into eight deletion bins surrounding the centromere. The number of available mapped ESTs per bin is illustrated with blue bars whereas the number of conserved orthologous sets (COS) is shown with red bars. The three deletion bins associated with the lowest percentage of COS regarding the number of available mapped ESTs are indicated by red stars. At the left is illustrated the Brachypodium chromosome 2 subdivided into orthologous chromosomal relationships with wheat chromosomes 1 (in red) and 3 (in green). The wheat RNA-seq clusters are shown according to their orthologous positions on Brachypodium chromosome 2 as homoeologs (black dots) or additional CNVs (red dots). At the center are shown the Brachypodium/wheat orthologous genes linked with colored lines according to their position within the wheat deletion bins.

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