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Table 5 GO classification of up-regulated transcripts with HSF sites present exclusively in Alu repeats in the upstream regions

From: Heat shock factor binding in Alu repeats expands its involvement in stress through an antisense mechanism

Category HSF site only in Alu
GO:0033554: cellular response to stress SPDYA, ATP7A, SUMO1P3, SFPQ, FBXO6, EIF2B3, FANCB
GO:0006754: ATP biosynthetic process ATP7A, ATP1B3, ATP11C
GO:0006325: chromatin organization HIST1H2BC, HIST1H2BE, BPTF, SMARCAL1, HAT1, HIST1H3F
GO:0044265: cellular macromolecule catabolic process PSMD12, ISG15, SUMO1P3, RNASET2, FBXO6, USP49, CNOT4