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Table 3 Alu and HSF site distribution in sense and antisense orientation in heat shock responsive transcripts in the upstream 5-kb and genic regions

From: Heat shock factor binding in Alu repeats expands its involvement in stress through an antisense mechanism

Expression Regions Sense Alu Antisense Alu HSF sites in sense Alu HSF sites in antisense Alu
Up-regulated Upstream 2,301 2,393 112 481
  Genic 14,580 17,507 632 3,629
Down-regulated Upstream 6,244 7,187 268 1,512
  Genic 47,295 63,323 1,961 13,092
  1. HSF sites are significantly enriched within antisense Alus present in the genic region of down-regulated transcripts. Although HSF sites within antisense Alus are enriched across all categories, the biased distribution is more evident in the genic region of down-regulated transcripts.