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Table 3 Genes mutated in at least two S.pneumoniae penicillin resistant mutants

From: Whole genome sequencing of penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae reveals mutations in penicillin-binding proteins and in a putative iron permease

  S. pneumoniaestrains
Locus name R6M1 R6M2 1974M1 1974M2
PBP1a G544R W411* E248* E158*
PBP2x R384G,V518I, Q552E Q281P, A369V, R384G, R426C, V518I F388L, Q552E, V573L, V587L, G601V A507V, P535L, Q552E
PBP2b D415E, G665D A395V, G435S, T451A G435S, T451A T431D, T451A, L492F, Q633E
Spr1178 Q28* Q28* Q28* Q28*
Spr1254 G167S T205I WT WT
Spr1888 T728I Q326* WT WT
  1. Mutations are shown as amino acid changes with their corresponding position in the protein. Asterisks indicate nonsense mutations. Mutations that are common in at least two strains are in bold.