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Table 2 Putative PKS and NRPS genes of A. benhamiae, T. verrucosum, and C. immitis

From: Comparative and functional genomics provide insights into the pathogenicity of dermatophytic fungi

Type LocusLink Arthroderma benhamiae LocusLink Trichophyton verrucosum LocusLink Coccidioides immitis Domain architecture
   Non-reducing ARB_00538 TRV_00386 - KS-AT-ACP
  ARB_03291 TRV_02519 CIMG_13102 KS-AT-ACP-MEa
  - - CIMG_05571 KS-AT-ACP
  - - CIMG_04689 KS-AT-ACP-ME
  - - CIMG_03162 KS-AT-ACP
  ARB_07994 TRV_04611 CIMG_08569 KS-AT-ACP-ACP-TE
  - - CIMG_08564 AT-KS-ACP-TE
   Reducing ARB_01525 TRV_04236 CIMG_13632 KS-AT-ME-ER-KR-ACP
  ARB_05854 TRV_06867 - KS-AT-KR-ACPb
  ARB_06393 TRV_01071 - KS-AT-ME-ER-KR-ACP
  ARB_05333 TRV_06912 CIMG_02398 KS-AT-DH-MT-ER-KR-ACP
  ARB_07933 TRV_04104 - KS-AT-ME-ER-KR-ACP
  ARB_07966 TRV_04285 - KS-AT-ME-KR-ACP
  - - CIMG_05569 KS-AT-DH-ER-KR-ACP
  - - CIMG_03014 KS-AT-DH-ER-KR-ACP
  ARB_00195 TRV_05651 CIMG_07298 A-T-C-T-C
  - - CIMG_01429 A-T-C-T
  ARB_01698 TRV_01735 CIMG_09750 C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C-T-C-T
  ARB_02149 - - C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-Cc
  ARB_02226 TRV_00553 - A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C
  ARB_02570 TRV_5508 - A-T-C
  ARB_02750 TRV_06186 - A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T-C-T
  ARB_03095 TRV_06056 - T-C-A-T-C/T-C-A
NRPSs ARB_03768 TRV_07570 - A-C-A-T-C-A-T
  ARB_04984 TRV_06313 CIMG_01861 A-T-C-A-T-C
  ARB_05131 TRV_07837 - A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T
  ARB_05579 TRV_06828 - T-C-A-T-C-A-T
  ARB_06786 TRV_05681 - A-T-C
  ARB_07686 TRV_05452 CIMG_00941 A-T-C-A-T-C-T-C-A-T-C-T-C-T-C
  ARB_07850 TRV_01776 - A-T-C/A-T-C-A-T
  ARB_07862 TRV_04720 - A-T-C-A-T-C-T
  ARB_07534 TRV_00508 - KS-AT-DH-ER-KR-ACP-C-A-T
PKS/NRPS hybrids ARB_02973 TRV_03721 CIMG_06629 KS-AT-ME-KR-ACP-C-A-T
  ARB_07844 TRV_05146 - A-T-KS-AT-KR-ACP-TE
  1. aPotential citrinin-like product; similar to pksCT BAD44749.1. bProduct 6-methyl-salicylic acid; similar to 6-MSA synthase CAA39295.1. cUnique for A. benhamiae. A, adenylation domain; ACP(PP), acyl carrier protein, or phosphopantetheine domain; AT, acetyltransferase domain; C, condensation domain; DH, dehydratase domain; E, epimerization domain; ER, enoyl reductase domain; KR, ketoacyl reductase domain; KS, beta-ketoacyl synthase domain; ME, methyltransferase domain; T, thiolation domain; TE, thioesterase domain.