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Table 4 Enriched gained and lost Gene Ontology terms for select clades

From: Strong functional patterns in the evolution of eukaryotic genomes revealed by the reconstruction of ancestral protein domain repertoires

  Enriched gained GO terms P-value Enriched lost GO terms P-value
Corticata Cobalamin biosynthetic process 3.2E-7 Small GTPase mediated signal transduction 7.9E-3
  Photosynthesis 2.3E-6 Lipid transport 1.1E-2
Archaeplastida Photosynthesis 3.1E-25 Carbohydrate metabolic process 9.1E-4
  Glycyl-tRNA aminoacylation 1.8E-2 Xylan catabolic process 4.8E-3
Viridiplantae Photosynthesis 2.7E-3 Tryptophan catabolic process to kynurenine 7.1E-3
  Protein import into mitochondrial outer membrane 7.1E-3 Sulfur compound biosynthetic process 1.3E-2
Protostomia Sensory perception of smell 4.3E-3 Protein secretion by the type II secretion system 3.4E-3
    Cell adhesion 4.2E-3
  1. The two terms with the lowest P-values are shown (calculated by the Ontologizer 2.0 software [63] with the Topology-Elim algorithm [64]). Prototypical regulatory terms are in bold text, prototypical metabolic terms are in italics (for detailed results see Additional files 5 and 6).