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Table 2 Automated solution hybrid selection performance

From: A scalable, fully automated process for construction of sequence-ready human exome targeted capture libraries

Performance factor 3 μg input average (n= 1,117 exomes)
Median target coverage 131.0×
Percentage bases > 2× 96.0%
Percentage bases > 10× 91.9%
Percentage bases > 20× 87.6%
Percentage selected bases (on target) 83.7%
Percentage duplicated reads 4.4%
Fold 80 penaltya 3.17
Estimated library size of captured fragments 278 million
  1. See Additional file 12 for metric definitions. aFold 80 penalty is a measure of the non-uniformity of sequence coverage, defined as the amount of additional coverage (in fold coverage of the genome) required so that 80% of the target bases will be covered at the current mean coverage (see Additional file 12 for details).