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Table 1 Significant P-values for SNPs in 6p21.3 region

From: A replicative association study of Chromosome 6p21.3 with susceptibility to leprosy in an Indian population - 'a string hypothesis'

SNP (rs-ID) Function Significant P-value
rs2523504 BAT1 promoter 5.1 E-05
rs2230365 NFKBIL1 exon3 8.6E-06
rs13192469 LTA 13kb upstream 1.5E-04
rs36221459 LTA promoter 4.9E-04
rs1800629 TNF-308 promoter 5.5E-04
rs769178 TNF-LTB downstream 8.8E-04
rs3135365 HLA class II BTNL2-DRA 1.73E-22
rs7773756 HLA class II BTNL2-DRA 2.8E-17