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Table 1 Myrna runtime, cost for 1.1 billion reads from the Pickrell et al. study [32]

From: Cloud-scale RNA-sequencing differential expression analysis with Myrna

EC2 nodes 1 master, 10 workers 1 master, 20 workers 1 master, 40 workers
Worker processor cores 80 160 320
Wall clock time 4h:20m 2h:32m 1h:38m
   Cluster setup 4m 4m 3m
   Align 2h:56m 1h:31m 54m
   Overlap 52m 31m 16m
   Normalize 6m 7m 6m
   Statistics 9m 6m 6m
   Summarize and Postprocess 13m 14m 13m
Approximate cost (location dependant) $44.00/$49.50 $50.40/$56.70 $65.60/$73.80
  1. Timing and cost for a Myrna experiment with 1.1 billion 35-bp unpaired reads from the Pickrell et al. study [32] as input. Costs are approximate and based on the pricing as of this writing, that is, $0.68 per High-CPU Extra Large instance per hour in the Northern Virginia zone and $0.78 elsewhere, plus a $0.12 per-node-per-hour surcharge for Elastic MapReduce. The table does not include the transfer of the read data from University of Chicago servers to S3, which takes a wall clock time of 1h:15 m and costs about $12. Other charges may apply and times may vary subject to, for example, congestion and Internet traffic conditions.