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Table 5 OMIM search for genes implicated in neurological processes and the number of these identified as evolving under positive selection in the chicken and zebra finch lineages

From: Molecular evolution of genes in avian genomes

Search term* NOMIM Nalign PSchicken PSzebra P
Learning 159 74 5 10 0.050
Neurogenesis 472 211 15 27 0.017
Neurodegeneration 246 107 8 16 0.025
  1. *See Materials and methods. 'NOMIM' is the number of human genes identified in OMIM, 'Nalign' is the number NOMIM genes for which we had data from multispecies alignments. 'PSchicken' and 'PSzebra' are the number of unique positively selected genes found in the chicken and zebra finch lineages, respectively. P is the significance level in Fisher's exact test comparing the incidence of positively selected genes in chicken and zebra finch.