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Figure 7

From: The transcriptional network activated by Cln3 cyclin at the G1-to-S transition of the yeast cell cycle

Figure 7

Mbp1 binding motif distributions at gene promoters. (a) Proportion of ACGCG sites located within the first 200 bp, from 200 to 500 bp, and beyond 500 bp at the promoters of MBF targets that are specific to this work (F), to Beyer et al. [22] (B), to Holloway et al. [23] (H), or that are common to all three studies (FBH). (b) Proportion of MBF targets with ACGCG sites within the first 200 bp upstream of the TSS, beyond 200 bp, or without such sites; FBH, F, B, and H as before. (c) Promoter representations with the location of ACGCG sites (blue). Left panel, MBF targets in our work shared with the aforementioned studies. Right top panel: our specific MBF targets. Right bottom panel: random set of genes with ranking values from 200 to 445 in our MBF classification. Every line represents a gene promoter from the TSS (right end) up to -1,000 bp upstream of the START codon. For all analyses in this figure, scores were recalculated without the motif classifier.

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