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Figure 2

From: The transcriptional network activated by Cln3 cyclin at the G1-to-S transition of the yeast cell cycle

Figure 2

Expression profiles of the 445 genes selected in this study. Heat map depicting relative expression levels after galactose addition. Induction is yellow; repression is blue. Averaged log2 values from duplicate experiments are used (for individual values see Additional file 1). Scale is at the bottom. Only relevant genotypes of strains are indicated. For complete genotypes see Figure 1 or the text. Four time points (20 through 80) per strain are indicated by widening black bars at the top. Genes are hierarchically clustered (uncentered Pearson correlation, average linkage). On the left, H indicates the histone cluster; Y' indicates the cluster of Y' subtelomeric elements. WT, wild type.

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