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Figure 5

From: The dissection of transcriptional modules regulated by various drugs of abuse in the mouse striatum

Figure 5

Brain and cellular distribution of two selected drug-regulated genes. (a) False-colored micrographs representing the relative level of the indicated mRNA 4 h after saline (SAL) or 20 mg/kg morphine (MOR) treatment revealed by in situ hybridization. Five coronal sections of mouse brain are presented, containing: (I) dorsal striatum and nucleus accumbens, (II) mid striatum, (III and IV) dorsal hippocampus and (V) ventral hippocampus/mesencephalon. (b) Confocal fluorescence micrographs showing coronal sections of striatum after immunohistochemical staining against SGK (Sgk1, red in the upper panel), GILZ (Tsc22d3, red in the lower panel), NeuN (neuronal marker, green, left) and S100B (glial marker, green, right). Scale bar: 50 μm. (c) Immunoblot of striatal lysates from mice 4 h after injection with morphine (MOR, 20 mg/kg i.p.) or saline (SAL) with antibodies against SGK and GILZ. The level of significance was measured using a two-tailed t-test: *P < 0.05. Error bars indicate standard error.

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