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Figure 4

From: The yin and yang of chromatin spatial organization

Figure 4

Schematic summary of some of the processes and structures that influence the spatial organization of the genome. Although not exhaustive, the figure depicts: (a) chromosome territories; (b) nucleoli and genomic regions clustering through nucleolar organizing regions (NOR); (c) the X chromosome and Xist RNA; (d) regulatory proteins such as CTCF, transcription factors and Polycomb repressive complexes (PRCs) that can induce loops between genomic elements; (e) transcription factories (blue) and specialized transcription factories (red); (f) the potential role of nuclear actin in mediating long-range chromatin movement; and (g) the interactions of chromatin regions with the nuclear lamina. These processes, along with others described in this article and many more, are likely be important in dynamically shaping the spatial environment and organization of the genome.

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