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Table 1 The coverage of gene groups by different sources of functional information

From: Novel genes exhibit distinct patterns of function acquisition and network integration

Origin Age Number of genes Pfam coveragea Fraction essentialb GO MF coveragec Fraction with interactionsd
Novel Old 2696 0.36 0.30 0.67 0.77
  Young 239 0.12 0.00 0.22 0.25
Duplicate Old 1434 0.57 0.30 0.88 0.81
  WGD 1087 0.45 0.08 0.76 0.72
  Young 314 0.53 0.02 0.60 0.55
  1. aPfam coverage: average fraction of protein length covered by Pfam domains; bfraction essential: fraction of genes in each group that are essential; cGO MF coverage: fraction of genes with Gene Ontology (GO) Molecular Function (MF) annotations; dfraction with interactions: fraction of genes with interactions in the protein physical interaction network. Each statistic is calculated over those genes whose proteins have known physical interactions.