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Table 4 Gene Ontology annotations for homoeolog-biased use (expression) in Arabidopsis suecica transcriptome, overrepresented unless stated

From: Homoeolog-specific retention and use in allotetraploid Arabidopsis suecica depends on parent of origin and network partners

Classification Biological process P-value
At-like One-carbon metabolic process 6.1e-05
  Intracellular protein transport 0.00012
  Macromolecule localization 0.00012
  Microtubule-based movement 0.00045
  Cytoskeleton-dependent intracellular transport 0.00045
  Protein complex assembly 0.0030
  Cellular component organization 0.0039
  Cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis 0.0039
  Photorespiration 0.0053
  Seryl-tRNA aminoacylation 0.0069
  Aspartate family amino acid metabolic process 0.0071
  mRNA metabolic process 0.011
  Response to drug, underrepresented 0.020
  Drug transport, underrepresented 0.020
  Pyrimidine base metabolic process 0.024
  Phosphate transport 0.024
  Inflammatory response 0.024
Aa-like Oxidative phosphorylation 0.0013
  ATP synthesis coupled electron transport 0.0024
  Programmed cell death 0.0028
  Cell development 0.0043
  Glycerol metabolic process 0.0058
  Alcohol metabolic process 0.0058
  Hormone metabolic process 0.0058
  Phagocytosis 0.0081
  Endocytosis 0.0081
  Hormone catabolic process 0.012
  Photomorphogenesis 0.014
  tRNA metabolic process, underrepresented 0.017
  Transcription 0.023
  Nuclear transport 0.031
  Regulation of cell cycle 0.034
  RNA polyadenylation 0.034